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Plastic drinker(buveur de plastique), 2019

sculpture, resin, plexiglas founded, water bottle, sticker on window, VR headset

exhibition « Touch-and-go », Galeri BU, Istanbul, Turkey

This VR experience “Plastic Drinker" is part of the Plastic Age installation that provokes us to think about the consequences of the pollution. This blue push up pop shape sculpture New Water represents plastic as a new consumer product in an extreme pollution situation. 

This video is a fake advertising campaign promoting becoming a drinker or consumer of plastic. Instead of manipulating nature, humans could thus adapt to environmental changes by eating and drinking plastic. This allegorical work furthers the conversation about life and the environment we live in. People talk alot about the protection of nature, and this is a very anthropocentric perspective and suggests an ownership of the natural world. 

Created in Istanbul, the work was inspired by the widespread use of plastic bottles to transport water because of the belief that the tap water is unsafe or dangerous to drink. Here drinking water from plastic bottles is normality, whereas in many other countries it is often taken for granted that drinking water is safe, and therefore drinking water from plastic bottles becomes a choice.

New water, vidéo VR (2')

Newwater video screen shot 01.png
Newwater video screen shot 03.png
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